As a child, you were taught at school that the dentist is a doctor that treats your teeth and advises you good oral health habits. What you missed during your education years is what their job really does and what other things they are capable of that may have saved you time worrying about why your teeth went bad.

Generally, dentists are your dental care providers for anyone, whether the patient is young or old. They not only treat your teeth from cavities, but make sure that everyone in your family is receiving proper oral health care. Children are even advised to visit a dentist once all teeth are visible from the gums. They take treatment, diagnosis and the entire coordination of the services they offer that will meet every patient’s needs for oral health. For a more specialized dental procedure, your dentist may need to work with other fellow dentists that are capable of performing the task presented to them so that their patients get the right kind of care that they need.

Areas-we-work-in-Health-CareThe general practice that dentists do covers mostly in the medical field, and each dentist must be a graduate of course related to dentistry. Others pursue a more specialized field, such as dental surgery, so that they can provide more service for their patient. The minimum requirement that a dentist should hold is a 3 year undergraduate course, plus 4 years of dental school. After they graduate, they must take up a licensure examination according to the requirements of their local government so that they can professional perform their practice. The procedures that dentists provide include dentures, oral surgery, partial denturs, restorative care, root canal therapy, home care instruction, mouthguards, nutrition counseling, dental implants, crowns and bridges, cosmetic procedures, treatment of gum diseases, TMD/TMJ therapy, tobacco cessation, teeth cleanings and sealants.

What Your Dentist Wants to Say

For those who have already visited their dentist regularly, what you really know about a dentist’s service is that they clean your teeth every six months to keep it clean. If you have dental fractures, tooth decays and any other dental problems, they will address it to you before you make any commitment. They usually do this everytime you have your teeth cleaned, or when you have your teeth checked. But do you know that they have something else they want to say to you?

There is a number of patients that are very worried about getting dental X-rays because they think it can cause cancer. But what the patients do not know is that once they are outside they are more exposed to radiation compared to the full set of the X-rays. What the dentists are worried about is that if a patient does not want to have their full dental x-ray, they might miss something that is really serious. Another concern that dentists have on their patients is their teeth. When a person meets you first time, the first thing that they look at is the eyes, followed by teeth and then the hair. But people generally spend more money on their hair to make it pretty than their own teeth. Dentists know very well that some of their patient’s breathe do smell bad, but they will not tell you until you ask them.

One of the most absurd requests that dentists get from their patients is when they bring in a picture of a celebrity and asks them to emulate the teeth shown in the picture. The teeth that is yours is what fits your facial structure, not another person’s. Dentists also do request their patients to keep away from heavy garlic food before they make visit – they will appreciate that very much.